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Here’s a quick overview of the biggest FinTech event of the year!

The Innovate Finance Global Summit 2016 will champion and celebrate the latest developments in FinTech at the historical heart of financial services: London.

#IFGS2016 will feature:

  • Global participation: 1000 + key decision makers in FinTech and financial services
  • Member and Community Pavilion: 100 + FinTech startups and global FinTech hubs exhibiting at #IFGS2016
  • Plenary Stage: VIP keynotes and compelling panel discussions from FinTech visionaries
  • Innovate Finance Member Showcase Stage: Dedicated stage featuring demos and discussions showcasing the best in FinTech by our members
  • Bespoke sessions by Programme Partners: Workshops and roundtable discussions by world-class organisations

Join us in 2016 to meet the leading lights of FinTech. Be at the centre of the debate.



Innovate Finance’s global summit will occupy two floors of the Guildhall. The Plenary room on the first floor will host a series of day long sessions and key note addresses by high profile leaders and influencers . The Future Stage on the second floor will showcase the ideas and innovations of our members as well as the disruptors shaking up the banking sector.

There will also be bespoke workshops and roundtable discussions that will provide insights into the challenges and opportunities of within the banking sector. Check out our agenda for full details about the day.

Plenary Stage
Mon • 11/04/2016
Future Stage
Tue • 12/04/2016
Wed • 13/04/2016
Thu • 14/04/2016
Arrival and Registration
Welcome Remarks from Innovate Finance and the City of London
Lawrence Wintermeyer, CEO, Innovate Finance
Mark Boleat, Policy and Resources Committee, City of London Corporation
UK FinTech: The Time is Now

Omar Ali, Managing Partner, UK Financial Services at EY

the fintech horizons – now
Keynote: British Innovation in the Digital Era

Ron Kalifa, Vice Chairman and Executive Director, Worldpay


The UK has consolidated its position as the digital home of Europe, bringing a legacy of innovation into the 21st Century. The opening keynote puts FinTech into an international context.

The FinTech Disruptors: Driving Innovation

Nick Hungerford, Nutmeg
Damien Kimmelman, DueDil
Gonçalo de Vasconcelos, SyndicateRoom
Wendy Jephson, Sybenetix
Eileen Burbidge, FinTech Special Envoy to HM Treasury (Moderator)


The original disruptors of London’s FinTech revolution are Innovate Finance members. Each share their insights on building a better world of finance.

Fireside Chat: The FinTech Investment Landscape

Alex MacPherson, Octopus Ventures


One of the most high profile investors in Europe provides an overview of the investment activity that has fuelled the growth of FinTech and transformed it into a sector that is transforming the future of finance.


The Rise of Private Valuations

Mike Sigal, 500 Startups
Gareth Jones, FinTech Collective
Nadeem Shaikh, Anthemis
Jeppe Zink, Northzone
Reshma Sohoni, Seedcamp
Christian May, City AM (Moderator)


Investors from the global FinTech investment landscape explain today’s trends, the importance of managing growth expectations and the perils of chasing the highest valuations.


the fintech horizons – near
Keynote: The Global FinTech Opportunity

Harriett Baldwin, Economic Secretary to HM Treasury


FinTech growth from the perspective of The Treasury


Keynote: The New Regulatory Sandbox

Christopher Woolard, Director of Strategy and Competition, FCA

The Challenge: Innovation and Integrity

Christopher Woolard, FCA
Emily Reid, Hogan Lovells
Imran Gulamhuseinwala, EY
Jens Spahn, Federal Ministry of Finance, Germany
Rhydian Lewis, RateSetter
Nancy Hulgrave, CNBC (Moderator)


Regulatory experts explain how to overcome regulatory roadblocks and to build a global framework for FinTech ecosystems.

The Challenge: Cyber and Financial Crime

Eugene Kaspersky, Kaspersky Labs


One of the world’s leading cyber security experts examines the challenges faced by financial institutions in tackling organised global attacks in the digital world and preserving corporate reputation at a time of increased security threats.

The Challenge: Innovating in a Ring-Fenced World

Robert Harding, Capital One
Patrick Eltridge, RBS
Anju Patwardhan, Standard Chartered
Peter Jackson, Santander
JP Nicols, Next Bank (Moderator)


Global financial  institutions understand the urgency for FinTech innovations but is there capacity and support to develop them internally? Experts explore the challenges of creating FinTech in-house.

The Double Header: The Future of Financial Services

Matthias Kröner, Fidor Bank
Chris Skinner, The Finanser
Ben Rooney, Informilo (Moderator)


FinTech is disrupting financial practices  and addressing the needs of global consumers. Two of the world’s preeminent financial visionaries discuss what FinTech disruption means for the industry.

the fintech horizons – next
The Opportunity: Blockchain’s Coming of Age

Hosted by World Economic Forum


John McLean, IBM
Clive Cook, R3
Peter Kirby, Factom
Leanne Kemp, Everledger
Jesse McWaters, World Economic Forum (Moderator)


Experts consider the hurdles of moving blockchain out of the lab and the competing strategies for overcoming these challenges.

The Opportunity: Corporate Venture Capital

Luis Valdich, Citi
Rumi Morales, CME Group
Mariano Belinky, Santander InnoVentures
Yusuf Bashir, Infosys
Matteo Rizzi, Omidyar Network (Moderator)


Is CVC the new smart money? Experts discuss the advantages of this form of investment over traditional VC funding.

The Opportunity: “Banking’ the Two Billion Unbanked

Hosted by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


Kosta Peric, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Robert Annibale, Citi
Francesca Brown, DFID
Jonathan Rosenthal, Economist (Moderator)


The Business Case for the Bottom of the Pyramid: Can financial inclusion be profitable? With digital technology, providers and customers can both get what they need. A rich discussion of how and why the 2 billion unbanked people of the world present the greatest opportunity for growth and innovation in FinTech today.

The Opportunity: Refugee-Tech

Sarah Crowe, UNICEF
John Edge, ID 20/20
Christine Duhaime, Digital Finance Institute
Mike Butcher, TechCrunch (Moderator)


From digital payments to blockchain IDs and mobile money transfers, this panel looks at how FinTech can help the greatest humanitarian crisis of our generation.

The FinTech Jam for Good

Introduced by Katherine Crisp, UNICEF


Winners of Innovate Finance’s FinTech Jam for Good are invited on stage to share their winning ideas with the audience.

the fintech horizons – the future
FinTech 2020: India and China

Zennon Kapron, Kapronasia
Alok Vajpeyi, Rainmaking Innovation


Building FinTech bridges: Two of the world’s fastest growing economies are also the fastest adopters of FinTech innovation. We learn why  India and China are leading in FinTech execution and why European collaboration is key to long term success.

FinTech Ecosystem: Building a World-Class FinTech Hub

Hosted by Innotribe at SWIFT


Jorge Ortiz, FinTech Mexico
Janos Barberis , FinTech HK
Samarth Shekhar, FinTech Forum Germany
Don Ginsel, FinTech Holland
Boris Battistini, Swiss Finance + Technology Association
Nicolas Mackel, Luxembourg for Finance
Wim De Waele, Eggsplore Brussels


Bernard Lunn, Founder, Daily FinTech Advisors (Moderator)


Gathering of emerging FinTech hubs: FinTech has become a global call to action to create a better financial services sector for everyone. Building on the momentum of Sibos 2015 in Singapore, where Innotribe explored “Why banks need FinTech hubs”, representatives from the fastest growing FinTech hubs share experiences and encourage collaboration to help advance the most transformative business sector to emerge in years.


Closing Remarks

Alastair Lukies CBE,  Chairman, Innovate Finance


The chair of Innovate Finance brings the event to a close with a look ahead to the next 12 months for the FinTech community.

The Future Disruptors: Demos

FinTech is a revolution that will benefit the masses by offering better financial services . From payments to wealth management, from blockchain to crowdfunding, a new generation of startups are developing life-changing technologies and disrupting the finance industry forever. This session celebrates the innovators shaping this bold new space.


Moderated by Bindi Karia


Time: 12.30-12.35
Bankable: Eric Mouilleron


Time: 12.35-12.40
Elliptic: James Smith


Time: 12:40-12:45
FeatureSpace: Matt Mills


Time: 12:45-12:50
Expensify: Daniel Vidal


Time: 12:50-12:55
Salary Finance: Asesh Sarkar


Time: 12:55-13:00
Trunomi: Anna Mazzone


Time: 13:00-13:05
Red Deer Systems: Paul Craig


Time: 13:05-13:10
Credits: Nick Williamson


Time: 13:10-13:15
slowVoice: Karl Mattingley

The Future of Banking: Speakers’ Corner

What will the future of banking look like in an increasingly digital world?  Leading lights from the world of FinTech share their unique vision on the future of financial services and the impact of innovations on individuals and business customers.


Creating the Bank of the Future:
Travers Clarke-Walker, Fiserv


Inclusive Banking:
Brian Larsen, Bancore


Building the World’s First Property Exchange:
Daniel Gandesha, Property Partner


Growing the Next Generation of Small Businesses:
Rob Young, OnDeck


The Future of Investment Management:
James (J.R). Lowry, State Street Global Exchange


Revolutionising International Money Transfer Markets:
Marta Krupinska, Azimo

The Global Innovators: Demos

London and New York are considered the leaders of FinTech. However,  the sector has become a global phenomenon with hotspots emerging around the world and powered by talent that transcends borders and nationalities. A few of the most promising are showcased with Switzerland, Hong Kong and Germany leading the charge.


Time: 14.15 – 14.30, FinTech Forum – Germany:
Awamo GmbH


Time: 14.30 – 14.35, FinTech HK:


Time: 14.35 – 14.50, FinTech Switzerland:
WealthArch GmbH


Time: 14.50 – 15.05, FinTech Luxembourg:


The Rise and Rise of Alternative Finance: Panel

Jeff Lynn, Seedrs
Keith Bradbury, iwoca
Julian Cork, Landbay
Liz Lumley, Startupbootcamp FinTech (Moderator)


Alternative finance has become a multibillion pound industry but what are the risks associated with this new world of finance and how will  it define the future regulatory landscape? This session explores these issues and the innovations that offer the biggest returns but also the biggest risks for consumers.


Personal Finance Management for the Masses: Panel

Ben Stanway, MoneyBox
Dr. Ella Rabener, Scalable Capital
Kirsty Styles, The Next Web (Moderator)


For many people, managing personal finances can feel like a full-time job that they are unqualified to do. From  millennials to baby boomers, a new wave of FinTech startups are making it easier for consumers of all ages to save and manage money. This session explores the sector’s latest developments.

Bitcoin and Blockchain Innovation in Finance; Standards, Liquidity and the Digital Future: Panel

Jan Skoyles, Coinsilium
Frank Schuil, Safello
Valery Vavilov, BitFury
Nick Williamson, Credits
Jon Matonis, Bitcoin Foundation (Moderator)


This future-looking session on Bitcoin and the blockchain defines the differences between public and private blockchains, and the evolution of emerging standards and scalability. It also examines exchange operators and liquidity issues for clearing and settlement and assesses what the digital currency landscape will look like in three years time.

Shaping the Future of Mobile Payments: Panel

Mike Laven, Currency Cloud
James Allgrove, Stripe
Alain Falys, Yoyo Wallet
Céline Lazorthes, Mango Pay
Ed Robinson, Bloomberg (Moderator)


Greater mobile connectivity and the emergence of payment systems and platforms are making it easier to shop, bank and transfer money anytime and anywhere.  Payment leaders look at new trends, the relationship between incumbents and payment startups and the challenges to shaping secure and exciting user experiences for mobile customers.

True Innovation: Digital Banking and 2 Billion of Your Best Customers

Hosted by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


When you think of your ideal customer, chances are you don’t picture one of the 2 billion unbanked people who live day-to-day on cash. But you should. Innotribe founder Kosta Peric, now at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, hosts a special session on how digital financial services open to the poor and unbanked present outstanding opportunities for innovation and growth.


Please RSVP to:

Examining the Relationship Between Startups and Incumbent Financial Institutions

Hosted by Anthemis


There’s no denying that FinTech startups have made an impression on financial services. But while companies emerge, incumbents are taking note and bolstering their innovation practices. Are banks and startups entering a new era of partnership? This workshop invites perspectives from entrepreneurs and incumbent institutions to discuss this topic.


Please RSVP to:


Rethinking Banking for an Always in Beta World

Hosted by Claro Partners and Next Bank


Digital has transformed the business and competitive landscape of financial services. Claro Partners and Next Bank have partnered to run an executive workshop which will share perspectives on what trust, loyalty, engagement and financial management mean in the new financial services ecosystem. Together with participants they explore scenarios for 2020.


Please RSVP to:


Drawing a Blueprint for Digital Identity

Hosted by World Economic Forum


Digital identity has the potential to streamline and de-risk transactions for individuals, legal entities, and assets. However, collaboration among key stakeholders is required to push identity forward and realise key benefits. This roundtable discussion, co-hosted by Innovate Finance and the World Economic Forum, will articulate the burning platform for public-private collaboration on the identity challenge and explore key pain points in the development of a blueprint for digital identity.


Please RSVP to:

What does a National FinTech Strategy Look Like?

Hosted by innovate Finance


With a particular emphasis on the Northern regions, this roundtable presents an opportunity to discover some of the most promising players shaping the regional FinTech ecosystem. It also provides a chance to feed into how Innovate Finance and partners can pursue a coherent regional strategy for FinTech.



Please RSVP to:


The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for FinTech at IFGS 2016

Hosted by APPG FinTech


The APPG FinTech Roundtable brings together Parliamentarians alongside stakeholders from across industry, public policy, and academia to discuss opportunities and challenges posed by the growth of FinTech in the UK.   This roundtable also leads a discussion into the preliminary work around the APPG’s ‘State of FinTech’ report.



By invitation only

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Please note that times and speakers are subject to change

Bespoke sessions hosted by #IFGS2016 Programme Partners:

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Inno Tribe
Claro Partners
World Economic Forum

Fringe Events


Date: 8th March 2016
Time: 5pm – 9pm

Location: Hogan Lovells Atlantic House Holborn Viaduct London EC1A 2FG

Supported by Hogan Lovells, Rate Setter, Lloyds Banking Group, erevena, freuds and Global Invest Her

Come celebrate the rise of FinTech and the role of women in the development of modern banking. This evening will also shine a spotlight on our FinTech female CEOs and founders.



Date: 8th – 10th April 2016
Time: 5pm – 3pm
Location: rise london 69-89 Mile End Rd London E1 4TT

Supported by UNICEF UK, Tech City UK and Claro Partners

Join the jam as we bring developers, designers, and innovators together to find solutions to promote greater financial inclusion using the latest FinTech technologies and ideas that shape our digital world.


+ 8th March - Celebrating Women in FinTech

Date: 8th March 2016
Time: 5pm – 9pm

Location: Hogan Lovells Atlantic House Holborn Viaduct London EC1A 2FG

Supported by Hogan Lovells, Rate Setter, Lloyds Banking Group, erevena, freuds and Global Invest Her

Come celebrate the rise of FinTech and the role of women in the development of modern banking. This evening will also shine a spotlight on our FinTech female CEOs and founders.


+ 8th - 10th April - FinTech Jam for Good

Date: 8th – 10th April 2016
Time: 5pm – 3pm
Location: rise london 69-89 Mile End Rd London E1 4TT

Supported by UNICEF UK, Tech City UK and Claro Partners

Join the jam as we bring developers, designers, and innovators together to find solutions to promote greater financial inclusion using the latest FinTech technologies and ideas that shape our digital world.




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IFGS 2016 Fringe Events

Celebrating Women in FinTech – Tuesday 8th March (International Women’s Day)

Global Invest Her
Hogan Lovells

FinTech Jam for Good – Friday 8th to Sunday 10th April

Booster Labs
Claro Partners
Open Bank Project
Start Up Bootcamp
Tech City UK